What It's Like

A Poem by Jane Kenyon

Poet Jane Kenyon was born in Michigan in 1947 and over the course of her short life published four collections of poetry. She and her husband Donald Hall lived in Hall's family homestead where they fashioned a rich and fulfilled life. They were featured in an Emmy Award-winning Bill Moyers special, "A Life Together." Jane died of leukemia in 1995.

The two-stanza poem is printed directly onto the illustration, a five-color woodcut in subtle earthy tones. Nine by thirteen and a half inches, vertical. Edition of 150 copies designed, printed, illustrated, and signed by Carol.

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Jane Kenyon but knowing her through her poetry has been the next best thing. Not long after Jane died, I had occasion to visit Don at his home in New Hampshire. I was bringing copies of
Ric¹s Progress for him to sign. We sat at the dining room table and while I placed the piles of books ready for him to sign, Jane¹s dog, bereft at her absence, roamed around, anxious at this new female smell. She even deposited
a little present for me on the rug! Later, she calmed down enough for a nap while Don showed me pictures of Jane who looked more ravishing and vital with each advancing year.

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