A Duck in Sheep's Clothing.

Our Letterpress Guild of New England held a public awareness day along with a fund raiser for The Museum of Printing in conjunction with the town of North Andover's annual Sheep Shearing Festival. Our Guild members, along with countless volunteers from the Museum, put on a great show on 23 May 2004. We had a vendor fair where we hawked our printed wares. Volunteers demonstrated printing on a Vandercook press, the casting of type, the making of decorated paste paper, the setting of type on a linotype machine and the sewing of simple book structures. People were able to wander amidst a vast array of machines used to produce the printed word. Used equipment vendors spread out wondrous tools used in our trade. By all accounts, the people who visited the Museum were astonished, amazed, educated and want to come back for more. We hope to make the Printing Arts Fair a regular event.

In a spirit of fun, Carol designed, illustrated, letterpress printed and
hand watercolored this silly broadside for sale at the Fair. Twenty percent
of the proceeds from the sale of the broadside will be donated to the
Museum, which needs our help. Please support the only museum of its kind in
the States and be sure to visit it if you're in the Boston area.

Two hundred copies: 9 by 11 1/4 inches; image size, 5 1/2 by 5 inches
vertical; signed by Carol


(twenty percent of the proceeds will go to the Museum of Printing)