Once Upon a Time/Book Seven.

Text by Frieda Fitzenmeyer. Illustrated by Carol J. Blinn. 1999.

Fans of Frieda Fitzenmeyer will not be disappointed with her terse and slightly macabre writing as she wings her way through the alphabet in this marvelous abcede book. Frieda writes quirky bits like, “F is for Frederick who swallowed a fork,” and “Z is for Zelda who got caught in her zipper.” I, alas, was left to my own devices and made line drawings to accompany Frieda’s ridiculous text. The mistake on the ‘B’ page is hers alone.

2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches high; 36 pages; letterpress printed; the type is Erhardt and the paper is Mohawk Vellum; 26 full-page line illustrations drawn by Carol and touched by hand with watercolor; decorative printed and combed paste papers over boards with a printed paste paper spine label.

First edition of 100 copies; signed by Frieda and Carol.

$ 85.00