Title Page

Once Upon a Time/Book Six.

Text by Frieda Fitzenmeyer. Illustrated by Carol J. Blinn. 1992.

In Book Six, Frieda Fitzenmeyer, Carol’s alter ego, immortalizes the flying adventures of a duck named Buddy and her side-kick, Percy. Filled with pathos and drama, Frieda’s characters take readers up into cloud-laden skies where they teach us lessons learned only in the air.

6 by 9 inches; 21 pages; letterpress printed; the type is Univers and the paper is Mohawk Superfine; handbound with decorative Japanese paper over boards with colored paper labels on front and spine; 13 line illustrations, 4 of which are full-page and hand touched with color.

First edition of 125 copies; signed by Frieda and Carol.

$ 125.00